Business Growth With a Small Business Loan

As a small business, your financial situation might be a little tight. At National Business Funding Group, we understand some of the difficulties you face as a small company, and we offer a variety of financing options that will help you rise to the top. One such option is a small business loan. This type of loan allows you a quick and easy process that will be the most efficient in funding your small business endeavors.

Small Business Programs

At National Business Funding Group, we have a variety of options when it comes to our SBA loan programs. We understand that your needs are different than any others, and we will strive to help you get the proper funding for your business. Some of the programs we can discuss include:

  • 7a Loan Program – This type of program offers your company a long-term financial solution. Manufacturing buildings, warehouses, single-use buildings, restaurants, and so many other types of properties are eligible to use a 7a loan.
  • 504 Loan Program – For-profit companies that are partially occupied by the owner are eligible for a 504 loan. It is also a long-term solution, providing the financing that will secure your company.
  • Business Acquisition Program – Whether you are trying to acquire a medical practice or other business type, this is the program to go with. Pre-qualification is quick and easy, and the loan is fully amortized.
  • Equipment Financing Programs – Your equipment is essential to your success. Our equipment financing programs allow you to maintain a high quality of equipment, no matter what business you are in. This goes for laundry, machining, printing, and so many other companies that rely so heavily on equipment.
  • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Financing Programs – This type of financing is for single-purpose buildings, veterinary offices, gas stations, hotels, and a variety of other similar commercial or industrial properties. Whether for the building itself, the refinance of the property, or a renovation, this covers it all.