Purchase Order Financing for Pre-Sold Merchandise

At National Business Funding Group, we are experts when it comes to the funding needed to acquire pre-sold merchandise. Whether for domestic production, export, or import of these goods, we can help your company obtain the funding they need through purchase order financing. There’s no reason to let the greatest challenge of the lack of funds stop you from succeeding in your business.

Areas of Expertise

For your business, nothing but the best will do. At National Business Funding Group, our areas of expertise include:

  • Trade Finance Letters of Credit
  • Work in Process Production Finance
  • Domestic Trade Purchases
  • Import and Export Transactions

Whether you are the reseller, the wholesaler, the distributor, or the producer of the products you deal with, our financing is always an option to help you succeed. We help companies that do not have much cash flow, are just starting out, or don’t quite have the capital they need to make it in business.

Why Finance Purchase Orders?

There are multiple reasons to finance your purchase orders, with the following being just a few:

  • Bank debt is eliminated
  • Equity is maintained
  • Customer deliveries are continued
  • Market share increases
  • Funding is fast and flexible
  • Large orders are fulfilled
  • Larger profits are made