Helping Your Company With Private Equity Financing

When you need an investment mandate that will provide your company with the most assistance, know that you can turn to National Business Funding Group. We have years of experience and multiple strategic alliances that will ensure the best mandate for the business you are in. We can tackle growth capital, recapitalization, corporate divestitures, and more. With a financial plan that is simple enough to understand and complex enough to get the job done, private equity financing is a great option.

What Does Private Equity Do?

There are some types of equity that do not have to be publicly documented. These are called “private equity.” This equity comes from investors and your company can use it for various financial needs in business. This includes purchasing equipment and supplies, buying out a partner, and a variety of other business transactions.

How It Works

At National Business Funding Group, we want you to succeed. When you come to us for the financing of private equity, we will sit down with you to understand every aspect of your business. This will help us to determine the best route to take for your financial solution. Some items of business that will be looked at include:

  • Value creation
  • Cash generation
  • Growth potential
  • Management personnel
  • Exit strategy

Getting Started

To get started with financing your private equity, contact National Business Funding Group and let us help your company find success.