Finance Your Contract With National Business Funding Group

National Business Funding Group has a very unique way to obtain the liquidity you need for your upcoming contract without having to utilize equity loans or business lines of credit. You can obtain maximum cash from your existing or pending contract right now by monetizing it through us. In this way, you can get paid upfront for your contract, as opposed to having to wait months or years to be repaid by your customer.

Suitable Industries

Contract financing is an ideal funding solution for a variety of industries. In particular, this program is perfect for emerging or start-up companies. If a service contract is involved, it must have a component of equipment; this is not an appropriate type of loan for ongoing service maintenance contracts. Examples of industries where this type of loan works best include:

  • Banking
  • Food processing
  • Education
  • Digital broadcasting
  • Waste management
  • Municipal
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Communications
  • Computer systems
  • Software development
  • Water purification
  • Entertainment
  • Recycling
  • Medical

Learn More Today

To learn more about how to finance your contract, or to get more information about any of our other commercial lending products, please get in touch with a member of the National Business Funding Group today. We have helped countless business owners across the country achieve their financial goals in faster, more flexible ways than what many banks can offer. We look forward to your call.