Bridge & Hard Money Loans

If you need liquidity for your business quickly, don’t assume that your local bank is the only viable solution. Not only can bank loans take forever to be approved and processed, but many banks are simply unable to compete with the variety of lending solutions that we at National Funding Business Group are able to offer our clients. In addition to our more traditional financial products, we also offer bridge and hard money loans.

About Bridge Loans

If you need your big loan to go through before you can start work on a new commercial property project that does not qualify for traditional financing, you may want to learn more about this product. This asset-based loan is meant to be temporary in nature, to help “bridge” the time gap in funding and allow you to move forward faster. Repayment terms can range from a few weeks up to a couple of years, depending on the situation.

About Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are similar to a bridge, but typically refer to a distressed property where bankruptcy, foreclosure, or arrears on the existing mortgage exists. Qualifying criteria for this loan depends heavily on the commercial property in question, in addition to credit rating and business income.

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